S&P 100  INDEX STOCKS <100
as of 04/26/2019

 S&P 100 INDEX  selections are the 100 most capticalized companies 
Simple Rule:  BUY on GREEN and SELL on RED
as indicated on each update. [Latest changes are in BOLD.]

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COP,  CVS,   DUK,   GE,       MDT,   BMY,ABT,   PM, KMI, EXC,  MO,  VZ,  MRK,    OXY,   PFE, GILD,   ABBV, CSCO,    PYPL, SO, DWDP, BK,   T,   PG,

ovrbot-->     MDLZ, ORCL, EMR,  F, HAL,   WBA, AIG, SLB, MET,  KHC, TGT,  ALL,


  SBUX,  BAC,  MS,   KO,  COF,  CL, GM, C,     INTC,  USB,   QCOM, NKE,AXP,



  DJI    OEX,   USD, ERX,
 DELETES                     DVAX

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